Author: Edwin

SSLv2 SSLv3 TLS1.0 & PCI Compliance

What is SSLv2,  SSLv3 & TLS 1.0? SSL (Secure Socket Layer) & TLS (Transport Layer Security) are two methods of security that sites and email use to keep your data encrypted and safe, it’s what puts the ‘s’ in https://. When you enter your password into a website not using HTTPS, that password is sent […]

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SSL protocol incompatibility errors on certain Operating Systems and Email Software combinations

With newer servers enforcing the more recent SSL/TLS protocols as a standard and disallowing older SSL2/SSL3 ciphers there have been some customers who have run into SSL/TLS protocol errors when using email on third party software on older operating systems. The most common cause has been a mix of Microsoft Windows 7 with Microsoft Outlook […]

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